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The SUFFOLKLETS website (www.suffolklets.co.uk) is owned by J. Simmons Paigle Old Barn Elmsett Ipswich Suffolk IP7 6PA.

SUFFOLKLETS is free to use until July 2016 or in the case of holiday properties for a complete year from the original listing date onto the SUFFOLKLETS website.

SUFFOLKLETS provides the medium for property owners, renters, visitors and businesses in Suffolk or with an interest in Suffolk to be made aware of each other’s requirements and services.

SUFFOLKLETS or anyone connected with the production of this website cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of any content or contractual arrangements between users. It is up to the parties involved to satisfy themselves that any contractual arrangements are correct and what is being offered and that the payment arrangements are satisfactory for both parties.

SUFFOLKLETS will take steps to try to ensure that property is advertised by the legal owners but renters are expected to satisfy themselves that and contractual arrangements made are sound and the person you are contacting actually owns the property. We recommend payment by credit card or PayPal if possible for added security.

SUFFOLKLETS is therefore not part of any contractual arrangements made from the use of this website and therefore will not mediate in any contractual arrangements or disputes in regard to anything advertised on this website.

OWNERS or their agents are responsible for the complete accuracy of their listing and any updates for the property or services. This includes the location as well as the property description. Photographs including adults and children within any adverts can only be used with the express permission of the individuals involved or their parents in the case of juniors. This also applies to privacy rights, intellectual property rights or indeed any rights of a third party.

SUFFOLKLETS can remove an advert at any time without providing a reason.

SUFFOLKLETS does not pass on any information to third parties.

SUFFOLKLETS is protected by the usual copyright law and may pursue any infringement.
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