Welcome to Suffolk Lets

For property owners SUFFOLK LETS offers a county specific chance to list holiday rental properties or the more permanent short-term let properties. Accommodation can also be offered to meet the market demand for a medium term rental period where people require shorter term housing of less than 6 months but for more weeks than the usual holiday rental requirement.  
As a tenant if you are specifically looking for a self-catering holiday rental property in Suffolk then please click on HOLIDAY LETS.
If your requirement is a long term rental arrangement please click on SHORT TERM LETS.

Finally, if you are requiring a place to stay perhaps whilst moving between houses but do not wish to commit to a six month short term rental but require a longer stay than the usual holiday requirement then click on TEMPORARY LETS.  It may also be the case that some of the HOLIDAY LETS may also be able to assist with this in-between arrangement.

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